NC Maritime Museum at Southport School & Group Activities

All programming can be modified to meet student’s needs and abilities.  Have an idea for a program?  Please share – we love new and creative programming!  Do you have an entire grade field trip – we can accommodate!  

Pre-K through 3rd Grade

Maritime Museum Scavenger Hunt

Each program can be extended with an age appropriate Scavenger Hunt through the museum gallery.  Participants receive a sticker.  Hunts can also be a stand-alone activity for groups with limited time.


Arrggh Mateys!  Did you know pirate captains created flags just for their own ship?  You can identify a pirate by the flag they fly!  Learn about flag symbols, then pretend to be a pirate and create your special pirate flag!  Students will use paint and textiles to create a flag to take home.  The program will conclude with pirate story time.

Fee: $5.00 per child

Number of Students: 5 – 16

Time Allotment: 30 + minutes

Squishy Fish

What kind of fish swim in our local Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean?  Join our museum educator and learn about our maritime environment while making fish impressions.  Using paint and fabric, participants create a work of art to take home.  Get ready for creative and colorful fun!

Fee: $5.00 per child

Number of Students: 5 – 16

Time Allotment:   30 minutes +

 Low Tide River Exploration

Grab a sand pail and go exploring!  Join the museum educator as we discover history and nature treasures along the Cape Fear River front.  Classroom time includes a story and identifying your treasures.  Each child receives an ID sheet and a baggie to take home their finds.  The museum supplies the pails for discover time.  Chaperones are required.

Fee:  FREE, Donations appreciated

Number of Students: 5 +

Time Allotment: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Prehistoric Brunswick – Ocean Dinosaurs

Dive into dinos with the Maritime Museum and THE BIGGEST MEANEST shark of them all – C. Megalodon.  Learn about just how BIG this dinosaur of the deep could be.  See fossils of its teeth, measure out how long he could grow, and what he would have for dinner!  Other fossils from the area are available to see and touch.  Story time is available in conjunction with the program.

Fee:  FREE, Donations appreciated

Number of Students: 5 +

Time Allotment:  30 minutes +

 3rd through 8th Grades                                     

Each program offers a gallery or outdoor experience with hands-on activities  

 A Pirate’s Life for Me!     

Gallery Experience – Stede Bonnet and The Battle of The Sandbars!

Pirate Flags – learn symbolism & purpose, paint your own flag

Activity Fee: $5.00

Number of Students: 5 – 40

Time Allotted: 1 hour


History of Fisheries

Science, History, Math, & Literature meet Art

Gallery Experience – Local History Fisheries (menhaden, shrimping, & hurricanes)

Fish Prints – using local fish models, create your own fish print on textiles

Outdoor Experience – Haiku on the waterfront

Activity Fee: $5.00

This program can split up into three stations for larger groups.

Number of Students: 5 – 60

Time Allotted: 1 hour +


Colonial Days – We are Tar Heels!

 Gallery talk will focus on Naval Stores, Rice Cultivation, and mercantilism in Colonial North Carolina.  Talk can incorporate the effects of pirates on shipping.  What was life like for children?  Chores and leisure will be discussed.

Outdoor Experience – Colonial Games & Candle Dipping

Fee: $1.00 per student

Number of Students – 20+

Allotted Time: 1 hour – 1.5 hours

 Civil War

Gallery Experience – Civil War in the Lower Cape Fear

Changes in Technology – Ironclads, Fortifications, & Weapons of War

Build and paint your own wooden ironclad to take home

Fee: $10.00 per student

Number of Student: 5 – 25

Time Allotment:  1 hour +

Civil War

Culture and the Economy –

Gallery Talk focuses on Blockade Running and local economy during the Civil War.

Classroom talk will focus on death through disease and warfare and the culture norms of mourning, by a costumed interpreter.

Fee: Free

Number of Students: 5 – 40

Time Allotted: 1 hour +


Native Americans

Gallery talk will focus on Eastern Woodland Native Americans in the Lower Cape Fear.  Transportation, food-ways, and housing will be discussed.

Classroom Activity: Create paper dugout canoes

Outdoor Experience: Walk down to the Indian Trail Tree (Keziah Park corner of Lord & Moore Streets) to discuss folklore and oral traditions.  Museum staff will read a creation story based on strawberries.  Students will write and illustrate their own creation stories.

Fee: Free

Number of Students – 20+

Allotted Time: 1 hour – 1.5 hours



Costumed interpreted tours available (please call for more information) FREE

Gallery Tours

Walking Tour – Maritime Focus along the waterfront of Historic Southport Community & Culture – Hurricanes, Pirates, Fisheries, Shipwrecks.

Outdoor Maritime Scavenger Hunts