Week 10

Sailors’ Snug Harbor

Henry Rollins SSH

Learning Modules:

Snugs and the Civil War Experience


Newspaper articles about SSH inmates from the Civil War

Review Sailors’ Snug Harbor introduction and database

Discussion Board:

  1. Pick at least three sailors from Snug Harbor that would be on ANY vessel during the Civil War and transcribe their records.
  2. Find at least one database (if not more) that have information on your sailors – Fold3, Newspapers.com, Southern Historical Society papers, NPS Sailor database, etc. Provide information.
  3. SIDEBAR! What troubles are you running into?  Do you need assistance?  What rabbit hole did you fall down looking for one thing that leads you to something else entirely?

Zoom PP Lecture:

Discuss the archives and metadata from Sailors’ Snug Harbor. Use H. S. Lebby as an example using his information to find other data and create a paper.  Give suggestions for other opportunities. Remind students of other platforms on which to collect information.


Write a short paper – 10 pages on your findings from Sailors’ Snug Harbor and the biographies of the men you selected (include your transcriptions).  There were both Union and Confederate sailors at Snug Harbor that participated in the war.  You can use information that you have learned along the way and the database list in the syllabus to help you find out more!