Week 12

The Beginning of The End


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According to Dr. Fonvielle: Ames’ Division consisted of 117th NY, 3rd NY, 142 MY, 112th NY, 203rd PA, 97th PA, 76th PA, 48th NY, 47th, NY, 169th NY, 4th NH, 115th NY, 13th IN under Curtis, Pennypacker, and Bell.                                                                                                                           January 15, 1865

Learning Modules:

When the Army & Navy play well together: Joint Amphibious Operations in the East


Merrill, James M. “The Fort Fisher and Wilmington Campaign: Letters from Rear Admiral David D. Porter,” The North Carolina Historical Review, Vol. 35, No. 4 (OCT 1958) pp. 461-475.

Fonvielle, Chris E. Jr. Wilmington Campaign: Last Rays of Departing Hope, pp. 175-329.

Personal Correspondence of Gustavus Fox

Discussion Board:

  1. Robert E. Lee stated that if Wilmington fell, he could not resupply his army. What was special about Wilmington, North Carolina?  What are your theories on why Wilmington was the last port to be taken?
  2. Sherman is marching on – Merry Christmas Mr. President – he moves toward the hotbed of secession – Charleston. What was Grant and Sherman’s plan for the Carolinas?
  3. Closing the port of Wilmington – the Battles of Fort Fisher and the Lower Cape Fear. How is this like New Orleans?


Fox asst sec of US Navy

Zoom PP Lecture:

Importance of Wilmington as a blockade running port and transportation of goods to other regions.