Week 13

Welles’ Washtub Navy: Propaganda and The American Civil War


Learning Modules:

Political Propaganda as Art – its intent, its meaning, and its influence


Political cartoons from the US

Political Cartoons from the UK

Discussion Board:

  1. Find a political cartoon or image from Harper’s Weekly for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated to share. Describe the symbolism of the piece and what it is intending to represent.  What effect should it have on the public?
  2. Were you familiar with Thomas Nast before the class? Did you know that he was the creator of what we consider the “modern” Santa Claus?  What is your favorite Nast sketch?

Zoom PP Lecture:

Use propaganda PP to discuss different cartoons and their meanings.  Humor as a weapon of war.  How art reflected the tension of the war as time went on the death toll rose steadily.

LSS Notes:

*** Abstract for your final paper is due SATURDAY***                                                                                                 Please send through BB MESSAGES