Week 16

The Social Issues We Could Not Cover!

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Learning Modules:

Journals and Letters of Ladies – women’s opinions on land and sea


Fahs, Alice. “Feminized Civil War: Gender, Northern Popular Literature, and the Memory of the War, 1861 – 1900,” The Journal of American History, Vol. 85, No. 4 (MAR 1999), pp. 1461 – 1494.

Excerpts from Diary of a Colonel’s Lady: Sarah “Daisy” Chaffee Lamb

Excerpts from Mary Chestnut’s Civil War, ed. C. Vann Woodard

Letters to North Carolina Governor Zebulon Vance

Discussion Board:

  1. Women, both Northern and Southern, black and white, were left on the home front to run households, businesses, and to deal with the realities of war. Some wealthy women could survive comfortably while others were forced to scrape by on what was available to them. considering the diaries and letters provided, find at least one woman who stepped over social norms to provide for themselves.
  2.  Understanding World War II, and other wars where women took over “traditional male roles,” how surprised are you, after reading Alice Fahs’ journal article, that men became the focal point of writings and memory from 1861 to 1900?

Zoom PP Lecture:

Rose O’Neil Greenhow, Confederate Spy.

The Ladies’ Aid Society and women’s ability to move into the public eye without transgression.