Week 6

Earthen Fortifications & Technological Response

Fort Fisher

Learning Modules:

If the navy is making these technological changes – what is the CS army doing??


Earthen fortifications in 4 minutes! Civil War Trust (The answer to changing technology): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RLaeeHd918

Fonvielle, Chris E. Jr. The Wilmington Campaign: Last Rays of Departing Hope (Stackpole, 2001).

Discussion Board:

  1. Major differences in fort construction occurred during this time, discuss why masonry fortification become obsolete and what let engineers move to earthen fortification?
  2. The largest earthen fortification in the South was Fort Fisher. Describe Whiting’s concept of fortifying the Cape Fear – the contiguous fortifications – what were its strengths and weaknesses?


Zoom PP Lecture:

Taking Zoom on the road – an interview with Paul Branch, Fort Macon State Park and Jim McKee Fort Anderson State Historic Site.  We will even throw in a cannon demonstration and discuss my personal favorite – the Whitworth projectile!

LSS Notes:

When discussing the Cape Fear, also discuss that the war in the Western theater will have the same outcome – taking New Orleans was important because it closed the entire river off from resupply.