Week 7

The Blockade and Blockade Squadrons Pt. 1

Learning Modules:

Scott’s Great Snake in Theory and Reality



NABS – Browning, Robert M. From Cape Charles to Cape Fear: The North Atlantic Blockading Squadron During the Civil War, (Alabama UP, 1993).

Scanned Documents

Blair, Dan. “One Good Port: Beaufort Harbor, North Carolina, 1863-1864.” The North Carolina Historical Review, Vol. 79, No. 3 (July 2002), pp. 301-326.

Brayton, Abbbot. Ed “The South Atlantic Blockading Squadron: The Diary of James W. Boynton.” The South Carolina Historical Magazine, Vol. 76, No. 3 (July 1975), pp. 112-117.

Coles, David J. “Unpretending Service: The James L. Davis, the Tahoma, and the East Gulf Blockading Squadron,” The Florida Historical Quarterly, Vol. 71, No. 1 (July 1992), pp. 41-62.

Discussion Board:

  1. Discuss all three blockading squadrons – how effective were they over time?
  2. Strategic points allow the Navy to set up bases to resupply and outfit their squadrons. How important was Beaufort to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron?
  3. What was life like for the average sailor on a blockader?

Zoom PP Lecture:

Building a navy to blockade the coast – Strategic points for resupply

A most monotonous employ – Blockading Duty

William B. Cushing attempted kidnapping of Gen’l Hebert at Fort Johnston