Week 8

Blockade & Blockade Runners


Learning Modules:

Confederate Response: Blockade Runners


Scans from the archives:

1861-1865 Newspaper articles of items for sale on runners

Diary of Colonel Lamb prices of goods

Daisy Lamb’s letter regarding the runner captains

Clyde-built steamers

Pay roster for average soldiers

General Whiting’s reports on blockade runners in the Cape Fear (A Necessary Evil?)

Discussion Board:

  1. Review pay rosters versus costs of goods on Blockade Runners – who was really able to afford such luxuries?
  2. A blockade runner, after one run, could pay for the vessel; any subsequent successful run was pure profit. Was this necessarily patriotism for the ‘Cause?’
  3. As the war continued and the blockading squadrons grew – truly how successful were the runners and what effect did this have on the economy and military supply for the Confederacy?
  4. SIDEBAR! There is a ton of information that can be added – make it happen!



Robert E. Lee LOC
Robert E. Lee, Library of Congress


Zoom PP Lecture:

Only for the Few: Blockade Running and the American Civil War

LSS Notes:

Use paper from Ira’s class for zoom presentation